Hotel Vimal Heritage
Hotel Vimal Heritage

Jaipur Economy Hotels

The list of Jaipur economy hotels is quite long and it mostly has hotels that in spite of being economical do not compromise on the quality of services and facilities. Generally, the hotels in Jaipur highlight the glorious and magnificent of Rajasthan’s ethnicity.

Among many names, Hotel Vimal Heritage is the one that is highly appreciated. The decor of the hotel and its architecture reveals the beautiful and affluent life that has always been the identity of this land. Along with this, the hotel is situated at a quiet and calm place surrounded by lush green gardens. The tariffs and the packages offered by the hotel are quite economical as compared with the quality of service and amenities delivered by them. Moreover, they are suitable to visitors from different countries with varied currency value. The international clients can enjoy the serenity of this place along with the convenience of travel desk and a currency exchange facility.

Economy Hotels in Jaipur

Vacations are the time for people to explore new places and ethnicity of Rajasthan has always gained people’s attention. Economy Hotels in Jaipur are quite a few, which at reasonable prices offer a royal welcome and service.

These hotels are designed synchronized with the international requirements while keeping budget in mind. Hotel Vimal Heritage is one name that not only exhibits the luxurious lifestyle of Jaipur but also unfold its heritage. A customer here will surely breathe the air of regal power along with the diligent hospitality. Puppet shows, folk dances and gala dinner organized on regular basis brings tourists closer to the Rajasthani basics. Services like travel desk, internet access and leisure trips are available for customers. Shopping is made easy with the help of currency exchange facility that is especially designed for international clients, to make their stay comfortable and memorable.