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Hotel Vimal Heritage

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Heritage Hotels in Jaipur India

If you are a heritage enthusiast, welcome to the pink city! Jaipur is known for the grandeur and splendor and even a short trip to the capital city of Rajasthan will leave a deep impact and hang on your mind for days to come. No wonder, just another vacation in Jaipur will remain a wish for times to come until you really make sure the city tops your travelogue for lifetime.

Tourists from all over the world visit Jaipur to experience the real royal culture that the world talks about. Heritage hotels in Jaipur India ensure an experience as close as being a king for you to remember for life. Treat yourself like a monarch and live your life king size at least as long as you stay with us. Hotel Vimal Heritage takes an extra step to pamper you and leave you passionate about the heritage and tradition of Rajasthan.

Jaipur City Hotels

Rajasthan is the princely state of Incredible India and Jaipur is its heart. Jaipur city hotels are designed to welcome the people who love to enjoy and experience royal heritage.

Hotel Vimal Heritage is one of those city hotels of Jaipur that truly exhibit the extravagant life lead by the owner of this glorious land. Enveloped with the regal lifestyle, the hotel holds all the modern amenities and comforts. Since the business nowadays is going global, the hotel has taken special care to deliver the business class people a complete professional and aristocratic feel. Wi-Fi, currency exchange and travel desk facilities are specially designed to cater the immediate needs of the professional working clients. As globalisation is opening doors for many international clients, these services are placing the hotel at the priority list of many international travellers to visit Jaipur for business, pleasure or leisure purpose.

Hotel in Jaipur 3 Star

Infrastructure and facility are some of the core competences that are very important to define a business class hotel. Hotels in India today are advancing towards innovation in structure and the comprehensive services offered to their guests all the time. The round the clock service facility is just the norm and the competition lies in how best they support the customer as they understand the in-depth need from the guests. The hotel Vimal heritage is a very popular for hotel in Jaipur 3 star facility. There are numerous reasons from the staff capabilities to the customer relationship management that drive the possible success of this hotel. The garden roof restaurants serving the delicacies of many cultures, especially reflecting that one of Jaipur could be just an example. The classic conference hall with elite features is an added advantage with style.